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Established in September1987, Celbridge Tutorials is now over thirty three years in operation as a "Grinds" centre of repute; we have been out of operation due to the COVID 19 PANDEMIC since April 2020.   Mick Beiirne is now back!  He can offer significant HELP TO LEAVING CERT. STUDENTS  IN IRISH and  ENGLISH.

During the next week, the Website predictions and subject information will be redeveloped:
See the essay  on King Lear in the Leaving Certificate English Section


Also!  Help forThird Level Students of Irish:   this includes grammar and composition  including advice on assignments.  The latter may be of particular interest to those in First Year at University or Teacher Training College: these students may not  have obtained sufficient practice in writing skills due to  the Covid lock down during preparation for last year's Leaving Certificate examination.

Quality Grinds for Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate students:    Irish, English, Biology, Geography, History.   One/one classes of one and a half hour.   Fees: €35 per class of 1, 1/2 hours.   Classes for Third Level students will cost the same as those for Second Level students. 

A Word  to students one month into the Second Term:   With the approach of the “Mock Examinations, students are more aware now of their strengths and weaknesses; Celbridge Tutorials offers specific classes particular to each student’s needs in a number of selected subjects. 


Students can take one-to-one
grinds, or be part of  a class with a
maximum number of
ten students.




Students can enrol for grinds in  an entire subject; or just for that aspect  of the subject that is causing them problems.



As a fluent Irish speaker, and one familiar with all dialects; also, with thirty years experience in this aspect of learning, Mick Beirne is the tutor  whom you need when preparing for oral examinations at Second and Third Level.


Celbridge Tutorials was established  in 1987.

  • To provide grinds for full time students who require extra tuition
  • To provide grinds for mature students who wish to return to education
  • To  provide individual attention for those who have fallen behind in their school studdies.
  • To make education interesting, enjoyable and rewarding. 

 Contact Michael Beirne (B.A., BSc., Senior Dip Hort., T.T.G.) at Celbridge Tutorials:

 Mobile: 087 2632059

Landline: 01 6272100


Website: (also)

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