English as a Foreign Language (E.F.L)


  • We provide classes for people with no English, some English, and those with a good understanding of the language. Our classes are small, and every student gets individual attention. Our teachers are fully qualified in EFL teaching.
  • Ofrecemos clases para personas que no tienen Inglés, las personas con un poco de Inglés, y los que tienen un buen conocimiento de la lengua que deseen alcanzar una mayor capacidad. Nuestras clases son pequeñas, y cada alumno recibe atención personal.Nuestros profesores son titulados en la enseñanza de Inglés como lengua extranjera
  • Nous offrons des cours pour les personnes qui n'ont pas l'anglais, les gens avec un peu d'anglais, et ceux qui ont une bonne compréhension de la langue qui souhaitent atteindre une plus grande capacité. Nos classes sont petites, et chaque étudiant reçoit une attention personnelle. Nos professeurs sont entièrement qualifiés dans l'enseignement de l'anglais comme une langue étrangère.

  • THE INFINITIVE VERB This verb can be used in all the tenses and moods, example:

  •         John likes to play football at the weekend 
             When she was young Emily liked to play tennis
            I would like to buy a house in the country if I were rich

    The Tense Structures

    Present Simple:
    Present simple form : I go to work every morning
    Past Simple:
    Past simple form : I went to the cinema last night, and  I liked the film.
    Future Simple:
    Will + bare infinitive : I will  go to the church on Sunday next.

    Present Continuous:
    Am/are/is + present participle : I  am  watching a football match at present.
    . Past Continuous:
    Was/were + present participle : I was watching a film when my friend phoned me.
    Future Continuous:
    Will be + present participle : I will be waiting for you in the pub at eight o clock  this evening
    Present Perfect:
    Have/has + past participle : I have been to many places for my holidays
    . Past Perfect:
    Had + past participle : By the time I arrived at the pitch, the game had finished.
    Future Perfect:
    Will have + past participle : I will have finished my education when I do my  final examination next June.



The programmes are based on the following categorized levels of proficiency in the English language.
Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced.

Our classes are particularly suited to individuals or small groups; also those  who live in Mayynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip, and nearby areas, and who do not wish to be part of large classes in the Dublin city EFL schools; also those who do not have time to travel to the city, because of their work schedules.


Our general  programmes provide for the development of skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing -- with particular attention being given to proper pronunciation, a good vocabulary and accurate grammar. Work within each class includes: Students working as individuals, in pairs, and in groups; with teacher-led discussions and debates. Writing tasks, listening exercises and practicing previously-learned skills are  important aspects of each course.  After students have acquired a certain level of competence project work is given in order to facilitate their practical use of learned linguistic skills.
The agenda here is to provide people who have an interest in or an involvement with business affairs with the essential language for this purpose; and thereafter to practice these students in the practical use of their newly acquired vocabulary.


The ultimate objective is to provide a workable standard of English for job interviews, for advertising, for telephone and email conversation, for
marketing and sales, and for interaction with customers.
We concentrate on developing effective conversational and reading skills and thereby building confidence in the use of fluent English in a business related environment.

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